The Evolution of Online Marketplaces: VarageSale Raises $34 Million

For many, online marketplaces is synonymous with Craigslist or even businesses such as eBay and Amazon. However, there’s an inherent trust factor that helps open this market up to additional consumers not as comfortable with selling items online to strangers across the country or world. Here enters companies such as VarageSale, an online marketplace that focuses on local communities. This past week the company raised $34 million in funding from Sequoia and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

What differentiates VarageSale is their focus on a more transparent, local buying experience: a 21st century garage sale on steroids, if you will. With admins in every community, members who are more internet savvy as well as those a little more skittish can participate in buying & selling goods.

VarageSale is a Canadian-based company founded in 2012 and has already reached 400 cities worldwide. The recent injection of funds will help expand growth and functionality for the platform as it builds new communities around the globe.

One of VarageSale’s newest board members, Lightspeed venture capitalist Jeremy Liew stated: “with millions of members and billions of items viewed per month, VarageSale is disrupting the mobile classified space, but it is what happens outside the app and inside the communities that is really unique about their business.”

The ultimate success of VarageSale is predicated on community trust delivered across platforms that are easy to access and transact across. VarageSale is tapping into a multi-billion dollar industry in the act of providing a safer, easier way to sell used-goods locally. Helping to build up the community is just the cherry on top.


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