The Sharing Economy Now Serves Waffles

Roadie, a platform that looks to connect drivers and consumer packages has a new restaurant partner: Waffle House. The sharing economy continues to evolve and see new players enter the ecosystem, including those that are indirectly involved, such as Waffle House.

A self-described neighbor-to-neighbor shipping network, Roadie allows consumer to create gigs that their system well then match to a Roadie driver who is headed in that particular direction. Roadie drivers can then pick which gig they want to perform based on things such as price, location and reviews.

In this new partnership, Waffle House will give drivers complimentary food and drink at more than 1,750 restaurants in 25 states when using the restaurant as a meeting place for Roadie Gigs.

“A sense of community and Americana is at the heart of the Roadie story, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Waffle House, a beloved brand that shares that same spirit. Waffle House provides a friendly, comfortable place for our folks to meet, and grab a plate of scattered, smothered and covered while they’re at it,” said Marc Gorlin, CEO of Roadie.

This partnership shows that the sharing economy isn’t just about the parties giving, transporting and receiving but a whole ecosystem of businesses that can help facilitate the process along the way. Look for more partnership like this from the sharing economy services.


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