Making Sense of Big Data in Real Time


Twitter released some real-time data after the 2015 Grammys, highlighting the most retweeted posts (the top 5 message had over 83,000 retweets). If the average user has 150 followers, that quickly leads to 12.5 million impressions from those five posts alone. This is a quick example of how analyzing big data in real time is an omnipresent exercise. Additionally, there is a bevy of companies looking to make sense of all of this structured and unstructured data. One of those companies, Bottlenose, recently raised north of $13 million to continue building out its flagship solution, Nerve Center.

Backed by KPMG Capital, Bottlenose will both grow product and team with the new funding. According to an interview with TechCrunch, Bottlenose partners with both agencies (FleishmanHillard, for example) as well as global brands, Pepsi to name one. The former partnership makes sense, as PR agencies are charged with monitoring brand sentiment across a spectrum of social channels and in real-time no less.

But Bottlenose has expanded beyond social channels, analyzing both radio and TV while integrating enterprise data such as transactional history. Instead of analyzing for a particular problem or opportunity, Bottlenose is examining everything, parsing out what could be construed as potential threats or benefits to the brand.

The company focuses on both structured and unstructured data, which in turn is parsed out in real-time allowing Bottlenose to build a unique business proposition. Crisis management is seemingly a top of mind topic with issues such as data breaches as well as product fails or customer issues, some of which can trace back to PR agency partners while others are structured in the enterprise itself.

Bottlenose finds itself at an interesting cross-roads as it grows, wanting to inevitably sink its data solutions deeper into enterprise divisions for everyday use. Look for them to continue to clearly define its Nerve Center solution and the applicable industries and even teams within enterprises that can leverage the solution.


image via Bottlenose


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