Snapchat Introduces Discover: The Future of Media Consumption

This morning Snapchat introduced a new feature, Discover, for its users, one that will significantly increase time spent within the app as well as give publishers more access to the millions of young Snapchatters.

The new section features news articles and video clips from media partners such as ESPN, CNN, Vice & Cosmopolitan. In parallel to these new channels, brands are running ads in between videos and content on each media channel.

While the number of media partners is small to begin with (11), Snapchat will inevitably expand to serve different interests and explore all type of content for its users.

Earlier in the year, we wrote about Snapchat’s business model with Snapchat Discover fitting into the overall strategy to engage a younger audience beyond simple messaging services.

Whether its a media portal, ushering in a new future of media consumption or digital payment tools, Snapchat is building an array of services with messaging at its core. Expect Snapchat Discover to expand into new categories and new use cases in the coming months with adjacent services built within the app to create a more integrated experience for users.




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