A Guide To A Mobile-Oriented New Year’s Resolution

The digital health evolution will come in many forms over the next several years from new wearable technology to ingestible sensors that will help alter how we keep track of our own health. Some of these practices will take longer to develop than others, which leads us to some mobile applications that are presently helping folks make smarter, healthier decisions every days. One such app is YOU-app, made by Fifth Corner Inc.

We are just over a week into 2015: gyms are packed with eager souls, grocery stores are well-stocked to accommodate all those looking to eat in a bit less, and the list of resolutions goes on. Several resolutions never fully come to fruition because they end up being to grandiose to start or there is no simple way to track them. This is where digital tools come into play, specifically ones like YOU-app.

The application isn’t the only one of its kind on the market and depending on your interest, one might work better than another. But for the purposes of this post and to make the argument of beginning at square one, we will use YOU-app as an example.

After signing up, users are brought into an image-rich home screen where they can select from a number of actions that could be either mentally or physically focused, such as try a new food. Users then can share photos or comments of micro-actions completed. Once an action is completed, users begin to thread a series of successful actions together through images.

The immediate power and potential appeal of this applications is a social effect. But what is even stronger is the network of health trends it could tap into. Last week we spoke about the power of applications such as Ginger.io, focused on mobile health analytics. Imagine the next iteration of services such as YOU-app allowing micro-actions to be quantified (nutritional, for example). Then that information shared through applications such as Ginger.io to collect a network of your quantified self from a health perspective.

For now, YOU-app and services similar will help to be a network for folks all over the world to complete micro-actions to create a better healthier life. Resolutions always start with step one. These apps are that first step.