Top Technology Trends of 2015:

The Consumer Electronics Show (commonly known as CES) is a large jolt back for the tech industry after an eggnog-induced slumber that finished off 2014. This four day event will highlight new innovations across a myriad of categories: Communications, Gaming, Robotics, and Wearables, just to name a few. There will be north of 3,500 exhibitors showcasing 20,000+ product announcements for more than 40,000 attendees. It’s a frenzied four days to say the least.

But before the tech world descends upon Las Vegas this year, we would like to lay out the purpose and vision of Mercator Labs, the blog you have happened upon today and why you might consider coming back in the future.

Several digital media sites aim to tell a story quickly, capturing the attention of news-hungry consumers. Our approach is slightly different: we will almost never be first with a story. We won’t break news or funding announcements or pending M&A deals. What Mercator Labs will do, however, is attempt to apply analytical thinking and stitch together the impending importance of some of the largest stories in the tech industry after they begin to unfold. The topics will range from the latest in digital marketing to how technology is affecting the largest cities, both developed and underdeveloped.

Technology is usually that shiny new object that many are afraid to truly explore and simply awe at from the surface. However new product announcements, hardware releases, and more tend to and should prompt conversations on usability, viability and help determine the overall application of that tool or service in the real world. Asking questions, sparking conversation and testing methodologies: those are some of the core principles that will drive this little blog of ours.

We hope you enjoy.